My work to date has been to compile together in one place all of the various collections of information about the Hurwood family. In this task, my major sources have been:

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William Squire Dann
Richard and Vicky Hurwood
Richard Sells Hurwood
Gillian Hurwood
Janice Mary Leather
Margaret Avis
Gwyneth Helen Hurwood
Jacqueline Renee Hoover
Alison McMillan
Peter Andrew Hurwood
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   “Leather Family Lines”
“Queensland Bound”
   Somerset area on GENUKI
“Bright Sparcs”
Church of the Latter Day Saints

Each record in the database is cross-referenced to one or more of these sources. Where more than one party provided information on a particular individual, I have tried to use the source that most fully described the person or event. In some cases, particularly where there is a conflict in the information, two or more sources might be cited.

If you wish to contact a particular source, please get in touch with me and I will pass on your information, questions and/or requests.

William Squire Dann

Quoted as: [WSD]

William Squire Dann produced a family tree chart for the Hurwood family which was finished in January, 1958. This chart also included some lines for other families as they pertained to the Hurwood family.  William provided the following footnote as background information for the chart:

Apart from John, son of Anthony Hurwood, of Sandhutton (in Yorkshire) who married Margaret Atkinson at St Clement Danes Church, London, on 27 May 1766, who evidently lived, after marriage, first in the City, in Aldersgate Parish, and later in St Marylebone, and his children, all the Hurwood family appearing on this chart, and the Squire, Raper, Stephenson, Spence and Wright families, were born, married, died and were buried in the southern part of the North Riding of Yorkshire, until John Hurwood emigrated to Australia in the early 1880’s, with all his family, except Hannah, who remained in England and married George James Dann.

Sandhutton, Oversilton, Sinderby, Ripon, Rainton, Balderby, Topcliffe, South Otterington, Dishforth, Minskip, South Kilvington, Danby Wislie, Northalberton are all within twenty miles of Pickhill.

The Parish of Pickhill contains the villages of Pickhill, Sinderby, How, Holme and Roxby. The Parish Registers data from 1517. There are Rapers among the earliest entries. Hurwoods appear in the 17th Century, but there are no entries between the Baptism of John, son of Anthony, 29 May 1732, and the marriage of Anthony Hurwood and Anne Raper in 1823. In the interval, they evidently lived in Sandhutton, Oversilton and London.

COMPILED BY William Squire Dann
Of Malvern, Worchestershire, ENGLAND

(Sent to Australia 24 January 1958.)

Richard and Vicky Hurwood

Quoted as: [R&VH]

Jessie Victoria (Vicky) Hurwood (neè Manning), together with her husband Richard Albert Hurwood, have produced a family chart for the Hurwood family in isolation from the work by William Dann, discussed above.

They have dealt solely with Hurwoods who remained in the UK through the 18th and 19th centuries and follows families up to the present day.  Richard and Vicky’s chart starts with John Hurwood and Ann Howard married in 1794 in St James Westminster.

It was not until my parents, Ian and Jan Hurwood, met Richard by chance on a trip to the UK, that Richard and Vicky were able to marry up their research with the earlier work by William Dann and continue their family’s history back to the 17th century.

Richard Sells Hurwood

Quoted as: [RSH]

Dick has provided all of the known information about the descendents of Anthony, son of Anthony Hurwood and Anne Raper. Also of note, he has extended the history of the family from the mid 17th century back to 1588 and provided a tantalising possibility as to the origins of the family’s name.

Gillian Hurwood

Quoted as: [GIH]

Gillian lives in Canada, having emigrated with her family from London in 1970. The information she has provided lists some of the descendents of Walton Hurwood (b.1834) and Jane Glough (b. 1838).

Janice Mary Leather

Quoted as: [JML]

Janice Mary Hurwood (neè Leather) – my mother and keeper of my family’s oral history. Jan has been able to fill in a lot of holes for people and events (mainly Australian) from the last century or so.

Margaret Avis

Quoted as: [MAV]

Margaret Samuels (neè Avis) – my kids’ maternal grandmother. In a family full of interesting personalities, Margaret managed to stay in contact with the majority of members and was invaluable as a source of Samuels, Avis and Smith information.

Gwynneth Helen Hurwood

Quoted as: [GHH]

Gwynneth has provided information about the recent generations descended from John Hurwood and Isobel Kidd, which is also covered by “Queensland Bound” (see below).

Jaqueline Renee Hoover

Quoted as: [JRH]

Jackie Colwell is a cousin of Gillian Hurwood [GIH] and added quite a bit of depth to this side of the family.

Alison McMillan

Quoted as: [ALM]

Alison has helped out with details about descendants of Jean Hurwood (also covered somewhat by [KIDD]).

Peter Andrew Hurwood

Quoted as: [PAH]

Me, in fact. A woefully small number of records actually researched in my own right, but I will get around to the actual genealogy part of it some day. Mainly, I have provided details about various families descended from William Squire Hurwood and Louisa Varden. There are also some other older references from records I have found on the internet.

to be confirmed

Quoted as: [OAV]

to be confirmed

“Leather Family Lines”

Quoted as: [LFL]

Most of the historical information pertaining to the Leather family comes from this publication by Dr Simon Leather and A. David Leather. On a trip to the UK in June 2000, my parents attended the AGM of the Leather Family History Society near Flockton in Yorkshire.  They visited with David and obtained his permission for me to use portions of his work in the “Hurwood Family Tree” site and database.

“Queensland Bound”

Quoted as: [KIDD]

“Queensland Bound”
Jennifer A. McCullagh
© 1997
National Library of Australia
ISBN 0 646 31111 5

This book chronicles the Kidd family history, including information about John Hurwood and Isobel Kidd and their descendents. It overlaps information from both William Dann and Gwynneth Hurwood.

Permission to use information from this work as it pertains to the Hurwood family has been obtained from the author.

The Church of the Latter Day Saints

Quoted as: [LDS]

The LDS  has a searchable genealogical index available online at From this site, I was able to obtain a very extensive history of the ancestors of Ethel Ridgway (my great-grandmother).


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